Welcome to Rainbows and Shadows!

This website is meant for those who have struggled or do struggle with mental anguish, such as mental disorders like depression and axiety but also general, un-diagnosed feelings and states of mind that are perhaps...a little gloomy. This site aims to inspire, share personal battles and struggles and provide helpful links and advice, as well as raise healthy discussions on mental health and the reality of it and what one can do to mend it. The website isnt only about healing, eventhough that is the motivated goal, but this website also aims to depict raw real-life sensations and situations recapped by me, the author, where I talk about my own flare-ups and thoughts, and past behaviour and feelings connected to poor mental health. I do this with aim to let everyone who comes across this website and may struggle with similar issues to know, that they are not alone and that the thoughts and feelings they may have are not entierly abnormal. Personally, knowing others felt and thought the same way as I do, helped give me a sense of security, as I no longer felt as alien and strange. I also believe it is not healthy to ignore or sugarcoat what we feel, and how our human experience is, wherefor I want to share and also inspire others to do the same. To have a healthy discussion and outlook on mental health, and talk about how it is living with it, how to cope, and what one can do to get better.

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